The Foxhall Foundation Research Initiatives

The Foxhall Foundation serves as a home for nationally recognized Thought Leaders in how to creatively manage the aging process. As part of our mission, the Foundation is always trying to advance and disseminate our knowledge and understanding while investigating new approaches and avenues toward lifelong wellness.

Past and present projects include:

  • Early recognition and intervention of vascular aging to decrease brain injury and strokes
  • Early recognition of the aging cardiac conduction system
  • Management of Atrial Fibrillation
  • The importance of cardiac rate and rhythm for the preservation of cerebral (brain) health
  • Prevention of age‐related heart failure
  • Prevention of strokes and vascular dementia
  • A systematic approach to building solid future health
  • The practical application of diagnostic testing to guide general practice
  • Beyond Boxing: Karate forms as an effective intervention in advanced movement disorders.

The Foundation is always eager for support and assistance with projects. Anyone interested in participating in a research project is encouraged to contact us.