About the Foundation

Helping Everyone
Age Well

Our vision is to create a lasting platform that allows wellness professionals and community members to work together, sharing their knowledge, experience, and expertise toward the goal of improving quality of life across the age spectrum.

The Foxhall Foundation understands that aging is a natural process. For too long, we have viewed the consequences of aging as a disease, seeking to find “cures,” when in fact, we should realize that no one is immune from the natural process of aging. We are at our best when we anticipate, navigate and manage the aging process.

Our History

The Foundation was founded as a not‐for‐profit (501c3) organization in Washington, D.C., in 2014. The first efforts involved volunteer physicians bridging the knowledge gaps between a major academic medical center and a local community hospital to help build a project serving elderly patients with memory difficulties.

When it became apparent that one of the significant drivers of memory impairment was poor circulation (aging cardiovascular health), the Foundation began a teaching series for health care professionals and the community to prevent brain injuries and strokes actively. This started the “Stroke Prevention Program” and culminated in the publication of the popular book, “You Can Prevent a Stroke,” proceeds from which all go to support the Foundation.

During the Pandemic, the Foundation piloted a successful program, “Wellness at Home,” which created mechanisms for elderly patients to connect with healthcare providers and other professionals dedicated to wellness safely from home.

The Pandemic highlighted the importance of physical activity and fitness to maintain a healthy life more than ever. With the basic mantra, “Everyone Needs to Move,” the Foundation partnered with local professionals to create a movement and fitness program. The first classes specifically worked with patients with Parkinson’s disease, a challenging disease that worsens with age and makes movement difficult. In 2020, the Foundation constructed the Foxhall Wellness Center in the Washington suburb of Chevy Chase, Maryland, which fully opened in 2021. The Wellness Center has already sponsored numerous classes, at first virtually and presently in‐person and virtually, offering a growing range of movement, fitness, and wellness classes.

Our Future

The Foundation will continue its work advancing the understanding of how to manage aging. The Foxhall Wellness Center will offer more in‐person and online classes to meet whatever needs may arise from the community. The teaching programs will continue with a greater online presence. Work is underway on the sequel to “You Can Prevent a Stroke.” The working title is “Building a Firm Foundation of Health; the Pyramid of Prevention.”

Our Gratitude

The Foundation exists entirely on the generosity of our Sponsors. Without their help and guidance, none of this would be possible. We cannot thank them enough, and we invite everyone to join us and support the Foundation so that the work can continue.

Foundation Leadership

Foxhall Foundation is the visionary brainchild of married, Washington, DC based physicians Kristin E. Thomas (Yamamoto), M.D. and Joshua S. Yamamoto, M.D. Their shared desire to “help everyone age well” by educating the lay community as well as the medical community about the need and ability to prevent stroke and care for the aging heart and vascular system led to the creation of Foxhall Foundation.

Dr. Joshua S. Yamamoto

Dr. Kristin E. Thomas